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About Us

Queen of Apostles School is a PreK through 8th grade, coeducational, Catholic elementary school in Silicon Valley that offers a complete academic and spiritual journey beginning in preschool. Founded in 1964 and educating 250 students, QofA in partnership with its families strives to foster a community of faith dedicated to living the mission of Christ. As such, we commit ourselves to educating the whole child through an environment that supports spiritual, intellectual, psychological, sociological and physical growth.

Our Mission & Philosophy

At Queen of Apostles we celebrate our success in fostering students who are caring Christians, active learners, and self-confident, responsible and healthy individuals.  Learn more:

Our History

Founded in 1964, Queen of Apostles School has grown from offering three grades upon opening to a complete and dynamic program with Pre-K through 8th grade classes.  Click below to read more about our rich history as a school and church.  


Our Faculty & Staff

missing-Student ID-22.jpg

Tracy Nicoletti

Vice Principal


Stefanie Hoover


missing-Student ID-12.jpg

Andrea Guel

Office Manager

missing-Student ID-7.jpg

Claire Smith

TK Teacher

missing-Student ID-10.jpg
missing-Student ID-1.jpg

Allessandra Locke

TK Aide


Hiral Desai

Kindergarten Aide

Madalyn Dischner

Kindergarten Teacher

missing-Student ID-4.jpg

Bailey Owen

First Grade Teacher


Amy Conaway

First Grade Aid

missing-Student ID-20.jpg

Lauren Lux

Second Grade Teacher


Angela Cho

Second Grade Aide

Lauren Lux
Second Grade Teacher

Maribel Sanchez
Third Grade Teacher

missing-Student ID-6.jpg

Maribel Sanchez

Third Grade Teacher


Kathy Dockendorf

Third Grade Aide

missing-Student ID-3.jpg

Amanda Lahey

Fourth Grade Teacher

missing-Student ID-2.jpg

Maria James

Fifth Grade Teacher

missing-Student ID.jpg

Christina Anderson

Sixth Grade Teacher

missing-Student ID-5.jpg

Cesar Sanchez

Seventh Grade Teacher


Sara Lefort

Eigth Grade Teacher


Dawn Sullivan

Accelerated Math Teacher


David Locke

PE Teacher


Joan Rehbock

4th-8th Grade Science Teacher

missing-Student ID-15.jpg
missing-Student ID-8.jpg

Gina Schultz

Music Teacher

Tiffany Leahy

Athletic Director

missing-Student ID-16.jpg

Elizabeth Kelly

Art Teacher


Taylor Rogers
Resource Teacher

Deborah Wagner


Wendy Rodriguez

missing-Student ID-21.jpg

Patricia Machado

Extended Care Manager


missing-Student ID-19.jpg

Sophia Paul

Preschool Director

missing-Student ID-9.jpg

Rowena Vargas

Preschool Aide

missing-Student ID-13.jpg

Dartt Wagner

School Facilities Manager 

missing-Student ID.jpg

Father Jeff Fernandez



Father Celso Singson

Parochial Vicor

missing-Student ID-17.jpg
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