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Our Academics





Queen of Apostles follows core curriculum guidelines in reading, writing, science, and math. In addition, we meet state and Diocese standards in the areas of religion, social studies, Spanish, art, music, technology, PE and movement and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in the area of science. Differentiated instruction begins in preschool and is provided through the grades especially in math and reading in order to meet the students at their level and help them meet and exceed the requirements each year.


The teachers articulate within their grades and work together to align curriculum throughout the grades.  Departmentalization in the middle school allows teachers to specialize in one area of the curriculum and work with the same students for three years to assess and meet students’ needs effectively.

Art Class

Students enjoy art class weekly. They work with materials and tools in an interactive experiential approach to art. All students are encouraged to contribute original artwork to local art shows and especially to our own annual Young Authors and Artists' Faire. 

Virgin Mary and Jesus Statue
Catholic Education

As a Catholic school in the Diocese of San Jose, religion is taught each day in all classrooms, sacramental preparation is provided for Catholic 2nd graders, and the curriculum follows the Diocesan religion outcomes. Religion is more than an isolated subject, but is also an integral part of the fiber of Queen of Apostles School. Our students, both Catholic and non-Catholic, learn to apply Catholic/Christian principles and to reinforce moral values.

Sheet Music

General music instruction is provided for K-8th grade students to develop their music appreciation and to study a variety of music styles from the classics, to folk, and pop. The students enjoy singing seasonal tunes and all students perform in a musical program once a year for parents, family, and friends. 

Science Class

K-3rd grade teachers and a dedicated science teacher for grades 4-8 educate the students in the wonders of science including hands-on lab activities weekly and projects focusing the students’ learning on science. Fourth through eighth grade students continue their science education in our science lab classroom. This program implements the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Students thoroughly explore science with labs, hands-on activities, projects, and research. Sixth graders attend Outdoor Science School in Santa Cruz County.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Spanish is taught to all students K-8 via listening, speaking, reading, writing, cultural awareness and language. It begins with simple vocabulary and stories and continues to have increasing complexity with the goal of being prepared for high school Spanish courses.

Clicking on a Tablet
Computer & iPad Technology

iPads are available in the classrooms. 6th-8th graders have a 1:1 iPad environment and K-5th grade share a mobile iPad cart. Chromebooks are used starting in 3rd grade. Students are taught computer usage and keyboarding skills during their technology class time. In addition students use technology to extend and enrich many areas of the curriculum including religion, reading, math, English, and social studies. 

Physical Education

P.E. classes allow students to exercise, and learn teamwork, using a wide range of sports and activities including soccer, badminton, and track. 

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