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Valentine’s Day = Gratitude Day

Valentine’s Day = Gratitude Day

February 2021


This year for Valentine’s Day, Queen of Apostles Students were guided by room parents, principal, faculty, and staff to focus on gratitude and service. They were encouraged to express their gratitude through an act of service and/or by writing and sharing a “Mahalo-Gram” with essential workers, Queen of Apostles teachers & staff, fellow students, and loved ones. In Hawaiian, “Mahalo” means “Thank You.” The Mahalo-grams conveyed kind messages of praise, admiration, or appreciation and were posted on community Padlet walls such as the Padlet Wall for Essential Workers.

In addition to these community Padlet walls, families could write a hand-written note to lonely elders who may need an extra boost of encouragement as we endure the global pandemic. To do this, our school teamed up with www.loveforourelders.org, an organization helping isolated seniors who may need some extra love and kindness.

The more we focus on our blessings and express our gratitude this Valentine’s Day, the kinder the world can become.

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