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Queen of Apostles Students Are Learning From Home – April Updates

Queen of Apostles Students Are Learning From Home – April Updates

April 2020


Queen of Apostles School continues to conduct distance learning from home. The students miss each other and are able to communicate that with each other online. They are adapting to this new learning environment quickly. It is wonderful to see the innovations by their teachers for communicating the coursework. Thank you to the Diocese of San Jose who already hosted online resources for teachers and to Google Classrooms, Zoom, and all of the many other companies who have made it possible for students to continue their learning and their social interaction.

Apr 4-5
Kindness is being defined by the students each day through Lent. Before our distance learning started, they paired up with their buddy students more frequently during the Lenten season and discussed topics such as kindness.
The first few definitions of kindness by the students included taking care of each other, not being deliberately unkind, and giving each other space when needed.
Now, online they are replying to their teachers and the principal, Mrs. Trela with their thoughts about kindness. They are encouraged to do kind things at home daily and have mentioned that they are helping their siblings and parents while they are at home. They have also been invited by Mrs. Trela to keep a daily kindness journal.

Apr 11-12
The Queen of Apostles School community wishes you and your families a Happy Easter!
If you are considering applying to our school or would simply like to learn more about Queen of Apostles School, please see our school website at www.qofa-school.org or contact our school office.

Apr 18-19
Our learning away from the campus has been extended through at least May 1st.
Teachers meet daily online and generously share things they have learned about teaching online and they teach each other programs they have used successfully. The students are also encouraged to gather socially each day with each other and their teachers to share together. Similarly to their teachers, as they are learning, they are being kind to each other and volunteering how-to steps for assignments to each other.
Our principal, Elizabeth Trela, has started an Instagram page for our school.

Apr 25-26
Each day of our learning from home, students are responding to a writing prompt from our principal, Mrs. Trela. The day after she receives the responses, she shares them during the morning prayer. Late in March the prompt was about kindness and we are sharing some of the student responses here with you.
Kindness has the power to…
… make someone who is sad smile and make love spread around the world (kindergartner)
… bring love (1st grader)
… make the world more peaceful (2nd grader)
… bring people together (3rd grader)
… make someone’s day (4th grader)
… empower us (5th grader)
… change someone’s whole day (6th grader)
… change someone’s day (7th grader)
… change hearts and minds (8th grader).
We all appreciate these thoughtful and uplifting responses.

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