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Queen of Apostles School Debate Club

Queen of Apostles School Debate Club

June 2021


The 6th and 7th graders are participating in a debate club this school year. The club was proposed by a 7th grader in November and started in January 2021. An older college sibling of another 7th grade participant volunteered to coach the 13 regularly participating students. Their coach wrote, “Debate styles are varied (excluding Lincoln-Douglas), to prepare students for the different types of debate they may encounter in high school.”

On June 2nd, the debate team held a virtual debate that teachers and parents attended. They debated topics such as wind energy, soda tax, and sending the Covid vaccines to other countries in need. Students affirmed or negated statements with arguments related to the topics and winners were declared to move on to the finale round. Their coach pointed out to the students that she learns more from losses and remembers those and how to grow from those more than from wins. All the participants were applauded by the spectators and their teachers added words of praise for their research on the topics and for their debate skills.

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