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Queen of Apostles School Art Night

Queen of Apostles School Art Night

March 2021


Our art teacher, Mrs. Seifi, and several dozen Queen of Apostles School students and their families celebrated the start of spring with a flower themed virtual art night project. Everyone gathered their sketchbooks, colored pencils, and watercolors for the project. The evening started with Mrs. Trela, our principal introducing our new art teacher who greeted everyone with enthusiastic waving.

Mrs. Seifi shared the tulip and daffodil project and gave all the artists basic instructions on how to draw and color their flowers. Periodically, the students would share their progress, and Mrs. Seifi would offer tips and words of encouragement.

Throughout the evening students and family participants held up a barrage of colorful artwork. They added their own touches to their art compositions to which the art teacher exclaimed “fantastic”, “amazing”, and “beautiful flowers”. She also told everyone, “so proud of you guys, parents and students.”

Future Art nights were planned for learning things such as how to shade with watercolors in a realistic way.

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