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Queen of Apostles Community Dinner 2017, Welcomes All!

Queen of Apostles Community Dinner 2017, Welcomes All!

September 2017

It was a great turnout with 185 families and plenty of volunteers who made this annual casual meet, greet, & eat, another success!

Many returning families anticipate this annual gathering to catch up with friends from school and also welcome families that are new to the Queen of Apostles School community. As from previous years, it is always a nice, simple buffet set up of delicious food, open seating, and, most importantly, warm smiles all around.

As expected, during large gatherings with food involved, lines do form but, having experienced this personally, our family welcomes this state of (short) wait–a great opportunity to spark conversation with the quiet friendly couple before us, or share the anticipation of having dinner with the rambunctious family behind ours. It’s truly a terrific setting of ease and family for all to have a nice evening together.

Special appreciation to the Zanotto family and other contributors for the delicious spread, to the staff and volunteers for helping with this very special event, and also for Charles Dilisio for capturing moments throughout the night.

As we resume our 2017-2018 school year, we would also like to give a very special thanks to the whole staff and Fr. Thuc for the support and prayers for our community, during our first school mass, a couple of days before the community dinner.

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