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Queen of Apostles School Debate Club

Queen of Apostles School Debate Club

June 2021


The 6th and 7th graders are participating in a debate club this school year. The club was proposed by a 7th grader in November and started in January 2021. An older college sibling of another 7th grade participant volunteered to coach the 13 regularly participating students. Their coach wrote, “Debate styles are varied (excluding Lincoln-Douglas), to prepare students for the different types of debate they may encounter in high school.”

On June 2nd, the debate team held a virtual debate that teachers and parents attended. They debated topics such as wind energy, soda tax, and sending the Covid vaccines to other countries in need. Students affirmed or negated statements with arguments related to the topics and winners were declared to move on to the finale round. Their coach pointed out to the students that she learns more from losses and remembers those and how to grow from those more than from wins. All the participants were applauded by the spectators and their teachers added words of praise for their research on the topics and for their debate skills.

Catholic School’s Week/Mass

Queen of Apostles School Catholic School’s Week and Mass

January/February 2018


Our theme this year was “Catholic Schools Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed”. Catholic School’s Week was held during the week of January 28 through February 3. The week began with a Mass at 9:00a.m. in the Church. ‘Student Appreciation Day” was celebrated on Wednesday with fun events in the classrooms and treats for the students. “Parent Appreciation Day” was celebrated on Thursday with Café Carrello once again providing morning beverages. A special thank you video featuring our students was produced for their families. We are blessed to have such a supportive group of parents at our school! We thank them for all of their time, talent, and energy in supporting the students and the school. “Teacher Appreciation Day” was held on Friday. A marvelous lunch was held in the Fr. Jim Mifsud Community Center along with a raffle and gift cards given out to the teachers. Catholic Schools week was a success at Queen of Apostles School!

Queen of Apostles Community Dinner 2017, Welcomes All!

Queen of Apostles Community Dinner 2017, Welcomes All!

September 2017

It was a great turnout with 185 families and plenty of volunteers who made this annual casual meet, greet, & eat, another success!

Many returning families anticipate this annual gathering to catch up with friends from school and also welcome families that are new to the Queen of Apostles School community. As from previous years, it is always a nice, simple buffet set up of delicious food, open seating, and, most importantly, warm smiles all around.

As expected, during large gatherings with food involved, lines do form but, having experienced this personally, our family welcomes this state of (short) wait–a great opportunity to spark conversation with the quiet friendly couple before us, or share the anticipation of having dinner with the rambunctious family behind ours. It’s truly a terrific setting of ease and family for all to have a nice evening together.

Special appreciation to the Zanotto family and other contributors for the delicious spread, to the staff and volunteers for helping with this very special event, and also for Charles Dilisio for capturing moments throughout the night.

As we resume our 2017-2018 school year, we would also like to give a very special thanks to the whole staff and Fr. Thuc for the support and prayers for our community, during our first school mass, a couple of days before the community dinner.

Queen of Apostles’ 7th and 8th Graders Visit Washington DC

Queen of Apostles’ 7th and 8th Graders Visit Washington DC

June 2016


With a myriad of authentic historical sites, accessible museums, and magnificent architecture, Washington D.C. is a well-known spot for school and leisure trips alike. In fact, Pierre Charles L’Enfant, the architect and engineer who laid out the design for the city, named the streets in alphabetical and numerical order so it would be easy for people to find their way around. This internationally renowned district, full of people from all over world, is an area of distinctive flavor and constant buzzing energy. The seventh and eighth graders from Queen of Apostles school had the privilege of touring here with parents and teachers, seeing things only mentioned in textbooks and pictures face-to-face.

The city’s many attractions that were visited – including but definitely not limited to the U.S. Capitol Building, the Holocaust Museum, and Arlington National Cemetery – were fascinating. Aside from the inspiring and influential effect of seeing these historical places in person, they provided a hands-on experience which a textbook simply can’t provide. However, not only did this trip appeal to the subject of history, but also categories such as religion and the arts.

Visiting the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and attending a performance at the Kennedy Center provided a well-rounded aspect to the take away value this memorable experience provided. Personally, as an eighth grader seeing the nation’s capital for the first time, this trip taught me a larger lesson. It taught me that no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you came from, you can make a difference.

Hearing stories of men and women sacrificing so much for their country and learning about how patriots, the unlikely victors during the Revolutionary War, stood by their beliefs when the odds were stacked against them filled me with an overwhelming feeling to have influence on my future. An orphan from the Caribbean wrote our financial system. The son of a reverend from a middle class black family showed America how to love one another regardless of race. Even our nation’s motto, “E pluribus unum” (Out of many, one) tells us we can take a stand. It tells us to be a part of that many. To be a part of that huge, collective force affecting the country, yet stand out as one. This special visit was not only a chance to see the country as it was and is, but also the opportunity to show us how it will be, and what we can do to impact that.

Written by a Class of 2016 alumna

Queen of Apostles School Annual Authors and Artists’ Faire

Queen of Apostles School Annual Authors and Artists’ Faire

January 2016


Sunday January 31st, the creative talents of all of Queen of Apostles' students were on display for the entire community to admire. Held in the Father Jim Mifsud Community Center, the annual Author and Artists' Faire put over 1000 pieces of art on display!

Even more impressive than the quantity though, was the quality of the work. Even the 3 year old and 4 year old preschoolers proudly covered one wall with their caterpillars, seahorses, hand-print turkeys, and popsicle stick ladders. The large crowd in attendance enjoyed the colorful and diverse selections presented by each class. Clearly Queen of Apostles' art teacher, Theresa Knight, is doing an amazing job helping each student connect with their inner artist.

In addition to the artwork covering every wall in the Community Center, a variety of sculpture, writing, and other art was presented in the middle of the room. The Robotics club was also on hand with a demonstration of autonomous Legos they built and programmed – a big hit with many of the children in attendance.

Congratulations to the staff and parents who helped stage the Faire, and especially to all the Q of A students for producing such fine work.

Queen of Apostles Cub Scout Pack 328 Annual Water Rocket Derby

Queen of Apostles Cub Scout Pack 328 Annual Water Rocket Derby

October 2015

Queen of Apostles Cub Scout Pack 328 recently held its annual Water Rocket Derby. What a “blast”! Thirteen Cub Scouts, boys in the 1st – 5th grade, made their rockets out of empty soda bottles and cardboard tubes. Parent volunteer Denver Lewis helped the boys learn how fins help guide their rockets, and how water and compressed air act as an engine.
Other parents helped by timing each rocket’s flight. The rocket that stayed in the air the longest (average of three flights) won the coveted hang time award. Several design awards were also presented for best paint job, fastest looking, funniest, most creative, and best overall design. After a day filled with fun and learning, the Q of A scouts are looking forward to hosting the water rocket booth at the Silicon Valley Monterrey Bay Council’s Scout o Rama next May.
I have to thank Christy Choate for her help writing this, and for the photo.

Queen of Apostles School Community Dinner

Queen of Apostles School Community Dinner

September 2015


On Thursday, September 10th over two hundred moms, dads, students, siblings, alumni, grandparents, and friends enjoyed a great meal and great company at the year’s first Community Dinner. A delicious menu of tri-tip, baked chicken, pasta with red sauce, steamed veggies, salad, and bread filled everyone’s plates (and tummies!) The meal was topped off with pink lemonade, wine, and delicious cookies. Many guests lingered long after they had finished their meal, catching up with old friends and meeting new friends. Heartfelt thanks go to Debbie Fieber and all the volunteers who prepared and served the food; the fourth grade class for setting up the tables and chairs; and everyone else who helped in making the evening a great success.