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Queen of Apostles Students Experience the Academy of Sciences

Queen of Apostles Students Experience the Academy of Sciences

March 2019

One of Queen of Apostles School’s Schoolwide Learning Expectations is being an Active Learner who demonstrates pride and responsibility for learning and communicates information through reading, writing and speaking. The third-grade class exemplified being true representatives of Queen of Apostles’ Active Learners when they all boarded a bus to the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. A busy day was planned ahead for them. They arrived at the Academy of Sciences early at 9:30 a.m. and checked in. There they saw some very interesting animals and got to explore the tide pools by touching starfish, shark eggs, and kelp.

Through the aquarium, they learned about the connection between water and life. They saw jellyfish, python, pipefish, snapping turtles, fresh water fish and seahorses. The most interesting meeting was with Claude, the albino alligator. The students learned that while Claude appeared to be all white, it was actually a complete lack of pigmentation that made him look that way.

Next, the third graders attended a Planetarium show called “Expedition Reef” where they were introduced to the endangered marine ecosystems. They watched how corals grow, feed, reproduce, and support over 25% of all marine life on Earth.

After the show, thanks to beautiful weather that day, they had lunch by the fountains and enjoyed exchanging notes on all that they saw. The final destination was an incredible earthquake simulator and a visit to a dome with a neo-tropical rainforest around them. They met sun beetles, leafcutter ants and an Amazonian tree boa!

Thrilled and satisfied, the students thanked their chaperones and headed back to school excited to write about what they saw, reflect about everything they learned, and ask all the questions they still had.

Queen of Apostles Students Attend Spanish Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph

Queen of Apostles Students Attend Spanish Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph

January 2019


The eighth graders along with their Spanish Teacher Señora Colpo from Queen of Apostles School participated in a Spanish Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph on October 28.

Two of the students were given an extraordinary opportunity to bring up the gifts to the priest. The school has made it a tradition to go every year, which has taught them more about their community. Before attending, students reviewed the order of the Mass. In addition, they also analyzed the Spanish readings in class prior to the Mass. Everyone at the Mass showed the students amazing hospitality and Father Hector announced their names.

After the Mass, students viewed the Días de la Muertos festivities.

Queen of Apostles School Spreads Positivity Year Around

Queen of Apostles School Spreads Positivity Year Around

November 2018

This year, Queen of Apostles School opted for a school theme that revolves around positivity and aptly called it “Think Positive, Be Positive!” It was unveiled in the form of bright, yellow cheerful bees displayed on a prominent school board. These bees acknowledge students and staff members who show a positive spirit. Each student or teacher reflecting a positive attitude in the form of sportsmanship, generosity, or being respectful to their peers earns a bee in their name on the school board. They will also be doing various activities throughout the year to promote the theme.

With an intent to be inspirational and have each story encourage others within the school to be more considerate, thankful and supportive of each other at every turn, the school theme hopes to inculcate positive and healthy relationship skills among the students while at the same time forming responsible and enduring societal values. As Mrs. Weinstein, the first grade homeroom teacher puts it, “the kids are motivated to exceed their own expectations of what a good deed may be. They aspire to reach out to more people around them each time they think they can extend a hand or just say a kind word. The students are making an effort to go above and beyond their own classmates and spread positivity among the whole school.”

Besides the annual school theme, Queen of Apostles also has the school-wide learning expectations that form the corner stone of its mission. These include being caring Christians, active learners, healthy individuals and self confident and responsible individuals. Coupled with the school theme of thinking and being positive always, the thought they would like to leave the students with is to ultimately develop an appreciation for their blessings in the form of school, community and family, and take responsibility for their actions and never give up on their Catholic values.

Queen of Apostles School Aides Tonga Students

Queen of Apostles School Aides Tonga Students

May 2018


Queen of Apostles School has collected school supplies for Talafo’ou Middle School in Tonga, a school affected by cyclone Gita. We hope that people helping with the repairs of Talafo’ou Middle School will display our Never Give Up attitude. The supplies will be delivered by the school’s 4th/5th grade instructional aide as she travels to help with the recovery. Pictured are the 5th graders who helped to lead the drive.

Queen of Apostles Students Color For Kindness

Queen of Apostles Students Color For Kindness

March 2018

On March 14, the students of Queen of Apostles joined schools around the country in the National Walkout. In light of the school theme for this year, “Practice Kindness” the students marked 17 minutes of their day in honor of the 17 lives lost in Parkland, Florida by coloring various images related to kindness and ways to express them. With the purpose of unanimously participating in the National Walkout and to observe the time in a meaningful and age appropriate way, the students said a prayer and were given a different coloring page that centered around the theme of Practicing Kindness. These ranged from sayings like ‘Be Kind’ and ‘The Right Time to be Kind is all The Time’. These colored pages are now displayed around the whole school with an intention to serve as a reminder that we should at all times practice kindness and live our lives in the image of Christ. To reiterate what Bishop McGrath quoted from the bible, ‘Every life is precious in the eyes of the Lord and every person is made in the likeness of God’ and the students of Queen of Apostles have imbibing this principle in a solemn and meaningful way through the year.

Catholic School’s Week/Mass

Queen of Apostles School Catholic School’s Week and Mass

January/February 2018


Our theme this year was “Catholic Schools Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed”. Catholic School’s Week was held during the week of January 28 through February 3. The week began with a Mass at 9:00a.m. in the Church. ‘Student Appreciation Day” was celebrated on Wednesday with fun events in the classrooms and treats for the students. “Parent Appreciation Day” was celebrated on Thursday with Café Carrello once again providing morning beverages. A special thank you video featuring our students was produced for their families. We are blessed to have such a supportive group of parents at our school! We thank them for all of their time, talent, and energy in supporting the students and the school. “Teacher Appreciation Day” was held on Friday. A marvelous lunch was held in the Fr. Jim Mifsud Community Center along with a raffle and gift cards given out to the teachers. Catholic Schools week was a success at Queen of Apostles School!

Queen of Apostles Community Dinner 2017, Welcomes All!

Queen of Apostles Community Dinner 2017, Welcomes All!

September 2017

It was a great turnout with 185 families and plenty of volunteers who made this annual casual meet, greet, & eat, another success!

Many returning families anticipate this annual gathering to catch up with friends from school and also welcome families that are new to the Queen of Apostles School community. As from previous years, it is always a nice, simple buffet set up of delicious food, open seating, and, most importantly, warm smiles all around.

As expected, during large gatherings with food involved, lines do form but, having experienced this personally, our family welcomes this state of (short) wait–a great opportunity to spark conversation with the quiet friendly couple before us, or share the anticipation of having dinner with the rambunctious family behind ours. It’s truly a terrific setting of ease and family for all to have a nice evening together.

Special appreciation to the Zanotto family and other contributors for the delicious spread, to the staff and volunteers for helping with this very special event, and also for Charles Dilisio for capturing moments throughout the night.

As we resume our 2017-2018 school year, we would also like to give a very special thanks to the whole staff and Fr. Thuc for the support and prayers for our community, during our first school mass, a couple of days before the community dinner.

Queen of Apostles Student Council Commissioned

Queen of Apostles Student Council Commissioned

September 2017


As the new academic year begins, the Queen of Apostles School student council for year 2017-2018 was ceremoniously commissioned by Principal Marty Chargin at the opening school mass held on September 5, 2017. The student council consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Commissioner of Religion, Spirit & Ecology Representative, and a Sports Representative. They pledged to lead, serve, and represent the student body throughout the academic year.

Additionally, the school wide theme of ‘Practice Kindness’ was announced during this mass. The pastor, Father Thuc asked the students to absorb the parable of the Good Samaritan into their lives and treat others as they themselves would like to be treated. While each class put forth its own views about expressing kindness by sharing, showing support, spreading joy, and putting others before themselves, Father Thuc expressed three things that display kindness encouraging the school community to speak kind words, express kind deeds, and live a kindness-filled life.

Queen of Apostles Students Emulate Inspirational People

Queen of Apostles Students Emulate Inspirational People

May 2017

Bill Gates, Roald Dahl, Barack Obama, Harriet Tubman, Frida Kahlo, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Sacagawea. These are some of the many famous people who were imitated accurately by the Queen of Apostles’ 5th graders on May 5, 2017, in The Fr. Jim Mifsud Community Center. Parents, grandparents and friends were allowed in and they were able to ask the dressed up students about their chosen person’s life stories. These personalities all have something in common: they are inspiring people in these students’ eyes and have made quite an impression in the fields of science, industry, education, art, literature, freedom, or sports. The folks were asking questions written on small flash cards the students made in class. The project is an assignment in the Queen of Apostles 5th grade class taught by Mrs. Maria James.

Authors’ & Artists’ Faire at Queen of Apostles

Authors’ & Artists’ Faire at Queen of Apostles School

February 2017


“Catholic Schools Week was celebrated at Queen of Apostles School starting January 29, 2017. The highlight was the school’s Authors’ and Artists’ Faire which displayed more than a thousand pieces of the student artwork from this academic year. Various paintings including water colors and pastels, as well as models and sculptures were on display. The various pieces of artwork came from the dedicated effort of each student through the year under the patient guidance of the Queen of Apostles Art teacher, Mrs. Theresa Knight. This wide range of work also included recreations of history lessons while some others depicted interesting aspects of stories read in class. The James and the Giant Peach projects from the fourth-grade students was a real treat for the viewers!

Apart from the work created in the school’s art program, original pieces were also showcased, which included essays, short stories, and poetry. These were all proudly framed, labeled and displayed in the Father Jim Mifsud Community Center over the course of the Catholic Schools Week celebrations for the community to view.