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8th Grade Schoolwide Learning Expectations Presentations

8th Grade Schoolwide Learning Expectations Presentations

May 2020


Our 8th grade class demonstrated how truly impressive they are when they presented their Schoolwide Learning Expectations oral projects over the past couple of weeks. They thought about the people that influenced them to be better Caring Christians, one of the Schoolwide Learning Expectations. They asked each other thought provoking questions as they discussed how they influenced each other. For example, one of the boys in the class, when asked who influenced him in being a better Caring Christian, referred to two of the girls in his class who he said are “always kind”. Even as everyone sheltered at home, they created posters featuring family and friends, and constructed physical models of the school. They expressed themselves through amazing hand drawn artwork and selected and shared important quotes and people impacting their lives. They reflected about learning the school wide learning expectations from their earliest experiences, when they first arrived at Queen of Apostles School; until now, as they prepare for graduation. These experiences that helped mold them into Caring Christians will be carried forward with them as they look forward to new challenges as they enter high school.

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