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The Bible – The Foundation of Learning at Queen of Apostles

The Bible – The Foundation of Learning at Queen of Apostles

May 2015


Queen of Apostles school believes that the Bible has a special place in the academic curriculum of its students. The school has established the bible as a key component of its religious program and uses its guiding principles to mould the children into mature and honest Catholic individuals. Says Marijane Lovell, Vice Principal, “having their own Bibles throughout their Queen of Apostles careers allows the students to grow in love and understanding of God’s word. They use them in class and each week as they prepare for the readings of the coming Sunday. It is a pleasure to see the delighted faces of the fourth graders and the pride in the fifth graders when the Bibles are presented.”

Leading the way, fifth graders prepared a special bookmark for each fourth grader’s Bible. The Bibles were blessed in the church and the teachers presented it to them in a solemn ceremony emphasizing its sacredness and utility for the rest of their time at Queen of Apostles. The fifth grade students taught the new owners how to navigate the bible and cherish it for the beauty and knowledge that it imparts. Studying the Sacraments of the Church will be their first lesson from their new bibles.

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