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Special Person’s Day at Queen of Apostles School

Special Person’s Day at Queen of Apostles School

November 2019


Students celebrated Grandparents and Special Person’s Day at Queen of Apostles School on Nov. 1, 2019. Students were able to invite a grandparent or other ‘special’ person from their lives and host them at the school. While a lot of students invited their grandparents, the school campus saw several aunts, uncles, and older siblings walking around. Some even had their own parents over to celebrate the special day and showcase their efforts in class.

Every year, Queen of Apostles holds this annual event to help get the children celebrate and show gratitude to those closest to them. The day started with Holy Mass with Bishop Oscar Cantu who was kind enough to concelebrate Mass with Father Jeff Fernandez and Father Richie. The Kindergarten class dressed up as saints to bring attention to All Saints Day. The students could sit with their ‘special person’ during the Mass. This was followed by a delicious spread of snacks and coffee for all the guests. Students took their special person to their respective classrooms to participate in individual activities and games that allowed them to get to know them better. One of the activities in the first grade involved doing a personal interview where the students asked clever questions that revealed unknown, ‘special’ facts about their special guest. Some of the answers brought out a lot of giggles and wonderment among the first grade students.

One of the parents volunteered to capture these moments and photograph the students with their guest. A lot of happy faces and expressions were captured that day! The day ended with a trip to the Scholastic Book Fair being held and well timed with this event. The students got to buy books of their choice either for themselves or their classroom or even contribute some to the school library. This marked the end to yet another beautiful and blessed day of bonding, camaraderie and fond memories for the students of Queen of Apostles School!

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