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SLE 8th grade reflections

SLE 8th grade reflections

June 2019

Near the end of the school year, each of the 8th graders reflects on the Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs) that have guided them throughout their school years at Queen of Apostles School and their lives. There is some laughter and some tears as they share their memories. Students often appear in each other’s pictures and reflections of their activities, even as far back as kindergarten, both at school and outside of school. They’ve matured and can express their changing views of the expectations. Often there is a basic view of being a Caring Christian and knowing they should take care of each other when they can as they start school. But this grows into a deeper understanding that they should seek opportunities to be caring and helpful. As Active Learners throughout their time at school and in their daily lives they develop the ability to learn all kinds of information and the ability to seek out learning experiences. They learn that being Self-Confident and Responsible Individuals is more than just the ability to do small things on their own, but also for example to be able to pack and take care of themselves when they are away on extended overnight field trips and be mature while doing so. And finally, the expectation of being a Healthy Individual grows from eating right to encompass exercise and having a strong mind and spirit (being strong mentally and physically). They know they are doing all these things for others and for themselves and that it is forming them into the people they are now and are going to be in the future.

Often these reflections are about starting and continuing in school to the 8th grade and looking ahead a bit to high school, but many have ingrained these values and formed lifelong virtues that shape their outlook on life. Parents who are fortunate enough to get to see the presentation are often moved to tears along with the teachers who are there to see and support the presenters. Each student’s personal growth and readiness to move on to the next part of their education is shining.

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