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Schoolwide Learning Expectations at Queen of Apostles School

Schoolwide Learning Expecations at Queen of Apostles School

September 2015


The new school year is all set to begin and students all around are gearing up to face a fresh beginning to a new year. While students are anticipating the usual challenges of math, science, and reading along with the fun of PE, art, and music, the students of Queen of Apostles Elementary School are also expected to meet the Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs) based on the school’s mission. These expectations consist of being a Caring Christian, an Active Learner, a Self Confident and Responsible Individual, and a Healthy Individual. A Caring Christian is someone who is actively involved in his/her community. An Active Learner takes pride in all of his/her work and gives his/her best through his/her education. A Self-Confident and Responsible Individual is someone who takes responsibility for his/her actions and displays a “Never Give Up” mentality. A Healthy Individual aims at being healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

While on one hand, these expectations instill qualities of sharing and community involvement, they also motivate the students to aim higher and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The entire team at Queen of Apostles inculcates these expectations among its students and indulges in various ways to ensure it is embedded in the very fabric of the school. The younger students receive ‘SLE C.A.S.H.’ when they embody the SLEs; they turn this in at the office and are rewarded with a prize. Some other classes keep a SLE chart in the classroom and note when students have been Caring Christians, Active Learners, etc. The older students complete a culminating project in which they reflect how they have embodied and instilled the SLEs in their lives. These are represented in various creative ways like painting posters, making videos, or giving a slideshow presentation. Emma, a graduating student at Queen of Apostles School says, “Putting these projects together required a lot of time, effort, and passion”. The most interesting part about this assignment was watching people reflect on their past years in happiness, but also in sorrow, because now they are leaving it all behind for a new adventure.” …Of course, armed with a solid foundation of these Schoolwide Learning Expectations that holistically prepare them to take on the next chapter of their lives.

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