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Queen of Apostles Students Experience the Academy of Sciences

Queen of Apostles Students Experience the Academy of Sciences

March 2019

One of Queen of Apostles School’s Schoolwide Learning Expectations is being an Active Learner who demonstrates pride and responsibility for learning and communicates information through reading, writing and speaking. The third-grade class exemplified being true representatives of Queen of Apostles’ Active Learners when they all boarded a bus to the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. A busy day was planned ahead for them. They arrived at the Academy of Sciences early at 9:30 a.m. and checked in. There they saw some very interesting animals and got to explore the tide pools by touching starfish, shark eggs, and kelp.

Through the aquarium, they learned about the connection between water and life. They saw jellyfish, python, pipefish, snapping turtles, fresh water fish and seahorses. The most interesting meeting was with Claude, the albino alligator. The students learned that while Claude appeared to be all white, it was actually a complete lack of pigmentation that made him look that way.

Next, the third graders attended a Planetarium show called “Expedition Reef” where they were introduced to the endangered marine ecosystems. They watched how corals grow, feed, reproduce, and support over 25% of all marine life on Earth.

After the show, thanks to beautiful weather that day, they had lunch by the fountains and enjoyed exchanging notes on all that they saw. The final destination was an incredible earthquake simulator and a visit to a dome with a neo-tropical rainforest around them. They met sun beetles, leafcutter ants and an Amazonian tree boa!

Thrilled and satisfied, the students thanked their chaperones and headed back to school excited to write about what they saw, reflect about everything they learned, and ask all the questions they still had.

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