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Queen of Apostles Student Council Attends Catholic Schools Week Mass

Queen of Apostles Student Council Attends Catholic Schools Week Mass

January 2020

On January 27, 2020, the Diocese of San Jose celebrated the Catholic Schools Week Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph. Bishop Cantu, who would normally lead the Mass was away in Rome; however, many other priests were there to celebrate including our Queen of Apostles Pastor, Fr. Jeff Fernandez. The Queen of Apostles Student Council, teachers Mrs. James and Sra. Colpo, and chaperones joined him for the Mass. In addition, one of the students served as an altar server and wrote that it was amazing to represent the school and be serving God inside the beautiful Basilica where everyone was so kind.

Fr. Hao Dinh spoke softly during the homily and talked about how all the students came to mass wearing different uniforms, but the uniform we all wear is love.
He also spoke about how St. Angela de Merici, an Italian religious educator, made schools for other people. He spoke of the “color of love” too. The congregation also enjoyed incredible music from the Notre Dame Choir during the service.

Following their visit, the students wrote about how large the cathedral is with ornate and lovely details. They really enjoyed seeing people from all the different schools and all the priests.
The students found the Cathedral visit to be very inspirational. One student wrote: “I could not have foreseen how powerfully Fr. Dinh’s homily resonated with me. All the other schools, despite the different uniforms, wore the same thing as us: love.” That student also wrote that “the story of St. Angela de Merici was moving and inspiring, and I walked away with a new understanding of Catholic education.”

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