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Queen of Apostles School Spreads Positivity Year Around

Queen of Apostles School Spreads Positivity Year Around

November 2018

This year, Queen of Apostles School opted for a school theme that revolves around positivity and aptly called it “Think Positive, Be Positive!” It was unveiled in the form of bright, yellow cheerful bees displayed on a prominent school board. These bees acknowledge students and staff members who show a positive spirit. Each student or teacher reflecting a positive attitude in the form of sportsmanship, generosity, or being respectful to their peers earns a bee in their name on the school board. They will also be doing various activities throughout the year to promote the theme.

With an intent to be inspirational and have each story encourage others within the school to be more considerate, thankful and supportive of each other at every turn, the school theme hopes to inculcate positive and healthy relationship skills among the students while at the same time forming responsible and enduring societal values. As Mrs. Weinstein, the first grade homeroom teacher puts it, “the kids are motivated to exceed their own expectations of what a good deed may be. They aspire to reach out to more people around them each time they think they can extend a hand or just say a kind word. The students are making an effort to go above and beyond their own classmates and spread positivity among the whole school.”

Besides the annual school theme, Queen of Apostles also has the school-wide learning expectations that form the corner stone of its mission. These include being caring Christians, active learners, healthy individuals and self confident and responsible individuals. Coupled with the school theme of thinking and being positive always, the thought they would like to leave the students with is to ultimately develop an appreciation for their blessings in the form of school, community and family, and take responsibility for their actions and never give up on their Catholic values.

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