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Queen of Apostles School celebrates 50th anniversary

Queen of Apostles School celebrates 50th anniversary

October 2013

Queen of Apostles School is celebrating 50 years of Catholic education with several activities throughout this school year. The school was founded under direction of Father Elwood Geary, first Pastor of Queen of Apostles Parish.
The first three grades opened in September 1964. Each year thereafter another grade was added. The school presently offers preschool through 8th grade.
Former staff recall that during those early days the uniform included red ties for the boys. The school was staffed by Religious of The Sacred Heart of Mary until 1972, when a Sister of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was appointed principal. The staff has been lay since 1976.
In 1985, the Marianist community of priests and Brothers took over pastoral care and administration of the parish. Marianist’ dedication to education and devotion to Mary have since defined the charism of Queen of Apostles School.
The late Father Jim Mifsud, SM, pastor from 1989-2007, provided both spiritual inspiration and financial support for the school. In 2007, the Diocese of San Jose took on parochial administration and appointed Father Michael Carson as pastor. In 2013, Father Thuc Si Ho was appointed pastor.
Former Principal Mariana Willis recalls: “Several improvements have been made throughout the years. In the old days students had to balance their lunches on their laps; now there are designated lunch benches for each grade. “Back then the home-room teacher taught every subject. Now there are specialty teachers for subjects such as Science, Spanish, Music, Math, Art and Religion.”

The school has undergone many changes in 50 years but the underlying sense of community and dedication to education instilled by its founders has never changed. The “Never Give Up” spirit – motto of Father Jim Mifsud — is alive and well at Queen of Apostles School, according to parishioner Barbara Richmond.

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