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Queen of Apostles School Annual Student Council Elections

Queen of Apostles School Annual Student Council Elections

May 2016




Ahead of all the state and national voting this year, Queen of Apostles students held student council campaigns and voting. Each student running for office had a campaign manager who is a close friend or sibling to speak about him or her.

Some candidates admitted to being nervous to speak in front of the school. Principal Marty Chargin said, “I salute all students who had the courage to seek a spot on the student council. Speaking in front of your peers can be terrifying, and all students who participated did an outstanding job of expressing themselves, and their ideas.”

Their desire to lead was only surpassed by their desire to serve their fellow students. Some current student council members enjoyed their experience so much that they ran for another position for next school year. This led to heartfelt speeches about wanting to return to the student council in the next year delivered along with examples of saving money by those running for treasurer or sports involvement for the sports position.

This year’s election was spirited yet cordial, competitive yet supportive. The seven positions were filled by incoming 7th and 8th grade students. We can be proud of our students and the young leaders that they are becoming.

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