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Queen of Apostles School 5th Grade Dissection Lab

Queen of Apostles School 5th Grade Dissection Lab

April 2015


Queen of Apostles School has always emphasized the successful impact of a hands-on-approach towards education. With this in mind, the 5th grade students dissected a sheep’s heart! One of the most looked forward to science activities all year, the students got to experience what it means to look at and feel a real sheep’s heart.
The 5th grade has been studying the heart as part of their science curriculum and today was an opportunity for them to learn first hand what they had been studying the past couple of days. They were divided into groups, each one led by a parent volunteer to assist. These parents were briefed and well prepared by Mrs. Rehbock, the science teacher. The students, in turn got to explain to the adult in their group what they expected to see and therefore, review the information they had previously gathered from the lessons and chapters. Everyone conducting the procedure was equipped with rubber gloves, safety goggles, etc. The vena cava and pulmonary artery were marked with blue and red straws and the students explored the interior of both sections. They weighed the heart, discussed why some were larger than others and noticed that some were more fatty. They made two cuts to expose the right and left atrium and ventricles. All students were asked to record their observations.
While each student had an expression of wonder mixed with curiosity, their reaction of “This is so cool” and “Wow” said it all!

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