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Queen of Apostles Honors the Queen All Year Round

Queen of Apostles Honors the Queen All Year Round

February 2016


“Bring flowers of the rarest,
Bring blossoms the fairest,
From garden and woodland and hillside and dale;
Our full hearts are swelling,
Our glad voices telling
The praise of the loveliest flower of the vale.
O Mary, we crown thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May.”



Mother Mary is the patron saint of Queen of Apostles School. This school year, as their theme for the year, they have chosen to honor her and her mercy. Each class has been allotted a month wherein they bring in a generous amount of flowers in bouquets and vases to display and decorate the grotto in the school courtyard. It is a sight to behold when the students walk in the morning, hands laden with a multitude of colorful flowers, heading to Mary’s statue in the courtyard, with a smile on their lips, seeking her blessings before the day begins. Their class teacher helps the students arrange the flowers in vases and sets them at the Blessed Virgin’s feet. In addition, each student draws a defining image of Mary as he or she pictures her in his or her heart. These pictures and paintings are displayed in the courtyard and school office. Each class also teaches the student body about Mary during a Wednesday morning school prayer. Mother Mary’s statue overlooks the school courtyard where the students eat their daily lunch. Invoked as their advocate, helper, benefactress and Mediatrix during school masses, the Blessed Virgin looks upon her students at Queen of Apostles School with much benevolence and mercy.

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