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Queen of Apostles’ Eighth Grade Class Holds Successful Halloween Carnival

Queen of Apostles’ Eighth Grade Class Holds Successful Halloween Carnival

November 2015


Congratulations to Queen of Apostles’ eighth grade class on a very successful Halloween carnival October 30th! The day began with a costume parade throughout campus. Afterward the entire student body enjoyed a variety of different game booths including Candy Count Guess, Treasure Chest, spin art, face painting, and a haunted house, each created and staffed by the eighth graders. The cake walk booth was especially popular – fortunately 200 plates of sweets were donated so the prizes lasted all morning.

The fifth and sixth grade students also contributed to the success of the day. Each “big kid” helped a younger grade buddy play the games, manage their tickets, and get lunch. By not just enjoying the carnival but also contributing, students develop a keen sense of commitment to its success. A current eighth grader observed, “It felt pretty good, knowing that we were able to run a Carnival that had been so important to us through the years here at Queen of Apostles.”

Planning for the event began in early September, and the eighth grade class organized weekly bake sales to raise money for game supplies, prizes, and clean up expenses. The day of the event, all 33 8th graders, at least one parent volunteer for each student, and the entire teaching staff worked together to ensure success. Asked about the biggest challenge hosting the carnival, the eighth grade homeroom teacher Brian Yocke reported, “There weren’t any major challenges because the eighth graders and their parents were so supportive.”

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