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Queen of Apostles alumni ‘pay it forward’

Queen of Apostles alumni ‘pay it forward’

April 2014

The strong sense of community originally inspired by the late Father Jim Mifsud through his leadership and guidance is the glue that keeps families coming back to Queen of Apostles, explained parishioner Barbara Richmond.
That sense of community brings back alumni as teachers including Mrs. Amicarelli, kindergarten teacher, Ms. Nicoletti, fourth grade teacher, and Ms. Usispre, pre-school aide.
Alumni also “pay it forward” by providing volunteer assistance to teachers and coaches. Former students on campus are a common sight. Jonathan Sandau, senior at St. Francis High School, Mtn. View, fixes computers and installs software programs.
Shayna Crawford, freshman at San Jose State University, volunteers to coach eighth grade volleyball. Weekly, several Mitty High School students volunteer as aides in Spanish, second and third grades. Teachers are then able to split the classes into smaller groups as alumni lead one of the smaller groups. This ensures a better grasp of material for the students, according to Richmond.
Mrs. Battiato, third grade teacher, said, “Students are excited to learn from these experienced alumni, and look up to them. It allows me to identify where students need further instruction. We are blessed to have such a strong community.”

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