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Our Students Say…

Our Students Say…




National Catholic Schools Week is the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. The week’s theme—Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service”—focuses on the core of Catholic education. The highlights of Catholic education are faith development, academic excellence and dedication to service. Our Catholic schools are part of our future as a church and a nation. We at Queen of Apostles School are proud to be a part of the parish community. We thank the parish for its prayerful support.


Our students say it best:


“Queen of Apostles is a nice school. There are a lot of kids helping others.”
“We have faith in God so we pray to Him.”
“Being at Queen of Apostles is like being in a place where you’re always safe.”
“I like learning new things.”
“People here are always willing to do something for someone else, even if they don’t get anything in return.”
“Everyone who goes to Catholic Schools (teachers, students, etc.) cares about everyone and their surroundings because they were taught to do so.”
“Catholic schools provide an opportunity to go to school with people who genuinely value morals.”
“You grow with God and learn at the same time being a better student and child of God.”
“The teachers actually want to be there and teach their students with good methods.”
“Catholic school gives me the opportunity to learn things that I might not learn in other schools such as Spanish and Religion.”
“…gives me the chance to take part in the Catholic community.”
“I feel a great responsibility attending a Catholic school. I also feel secure.”
“More is expected of us, so we work hard and have a better attitude towards each other.”
“My parents sent me to a Catholic School because they love me and want me to learn more about God.”
“We are a community of service because we help others: going to Sacred Heart to organize and prepare food.”
“Queen of Apostles is a team.”
“If somebody asks me about QofA I say we are a great school and a great community.”


When asked what they liked about the school, one student’s response encompasses the response of the majority that “it’s a very great school.”

“There are many things that I love about Queen of Apostles, but mainly I love that the students and teachers are very welcoming and always there to help when needed. I like

how the teachers are constantly willing to give one-on-one help to me if I don’t understand a topic as well as the other students, and if I do understand the topic quite fully, the teachers will try to challenge me. I love how the teachers make learning fun and really know how to grasp my attention on a topic and get me to think about it. I also like how our school is very close and how everyone is looking out for anyone in trouble or distress. Our teachers are great at trying to make us enjoy school in every which way possible.”