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Educating the Whole Child


Queen of Apostles follows core curriculum guidelines in reading, writing, science, and math. In addition, Queen of Apostles also meets state and Diocese standards in the areas of religion, social studies, Spanish, art, music, technology, PE and movement and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in the area of science. Differentiated instruction begins in preschool and is provided through the grades especially in math and reading in order to meet the students at their level and help them meet and exceed the requirements each year.

Spanish is part of the K-8 curriculum.  It begins with simple vocabulary and stories and continues to have increasing complexity with the goal of being prepared for high school Spanish courses.

K-3rd grade science is conducted in a science classroom. The 4th through 8th grade students continue their science education in our science lab classroom. This program implements the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) while giving students a hands-on experience. K-3 rd grade classes are split in half to ensure cooperative learning, small group discussion, and to lower student to teacher ratio. They thoroughly explore science with labs, hands on activities, projects, and research. Sixth graders attend Outdoor Science School in Santa Cruz County.

The teachers articulate within their grades and work together to align curriculum throughout the grades.

Departmentalization in the middle school allows teachers to specialize in one area of the curriculum and work with the same students for three years to assess and meet students’ needs effectively.

Queen of Apostles School is dedicated to living the mission of Christ.



Queen of Apostles School is dedicated to living the mission of Christ.

The school wide learning expectations and all good values are interwoven throughout the curriculum. The values are applied by all students with each other within their grades and with their buddies and students in other grades.

The students participate in service learning starting in Kindergarten and continue it through 8th grade. Projects include making cards and letters, making lunches, sorting clothes and food, helping disabled, donating food and money, and assembling survival sacks.  An independent service learning component is an 8th grade graduation requirement.

Facts You Should Know!


The school provides a challenging, comprehensive and relevant curriculum for each student that results in achievement of the Schoolwide Learning Expectations, Arch/diocesan curriculum standards, and local curriculum standards.